Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blackstrap BBQ

I used to live in Verdun; right in front of Gaumond le Restaurant, which used to be Patisserie Chez Gaumond. As a child, my mom would bring me to Chez Gaumond to pick out their mini cakes and pastries. They were delicious! Unfortunately, they've closed down, and I'm not even sure if it's a restaurant or grocery store that's replaced it.

There are lots of new restaurants opening up in Verdun, specifically Wellington street. It's always been such a great area filled with different ethnic backgrounds. Living in Verdun provides you with such convenience, especially since metros are literally a 5-10 minute walk from wherever you are in Verdun. When I used to live there, Wellington street looked pretty rundown, but recently it's looking least in my opinion!

So, last Tuesday, W and I decided to try out a new restaurant that opened up called Blackstrap BBQ. It's not something I would expect on Wellington street. It's pretty hipster-y and feels like it should belong on Boulevard St. Laurent or St. Denis, but it was refreshing to have something quite modern serving humble food in a not so popular neighbourhood.

Here's how it works, you walk in the restaurant and you order your food and pay first. You then take a seat anywhere you like and wait till they call your name. It's a really casual place filled with the smell of smoked meat. It is just a lovely smell especially on a cold February in Montreal!

W ordered a pork plate that comes with coleslaw, and a bread bun. You also have the choice of a side. W ordered macaroni and cheese fritters as her side. The pork was smoky and salty heaven! I did think it was a little dry though...nothing a little BBQ sauce can't fix! I forgot to mention that each table/counter has a bottle of housemade BBQ and a spicy sauce. The spicy sauce wasn't spicy at all in our opinion; it was more vinergary than spicy. The BBQ sauce had a hint of plum which was nice.

The macaroni and cheese fritters were sinful! SOOOO GOOOD!!! I would go back to Blackstrap BBQ for just that!

On to my plate! I ordered brisket, which again came with coleslaw and a bread bun. I decided to order a side of braised greens. I loved the brisket! Very smoky, oh so tender, and moist! The greens were slightly vinegary and went really well paired with the brisket.

We decided to make a mini slider with the bun and meat. I have to say, the bun is just so fluffy and light! A little bit sweet if I remember correctly. Just delicious!

We were pleasantly surprised with Blackstrap BBQ. I honestly didn't think there would ever be a BBQ smokehouse type of place in Verdun. The price is great, as you can tell from the photo of the menu I posted above. The food is delicious and simple. At some point, I felt like I wasn't in Montreal; as if I were somehow eating in one of the Southern states of U.S.

I highly recommend Blackstrap BBQ. If you're ever around the Verdun area with an empty stomach, try it out!

There are so many little restaurants on Wellington street and they're all so different from one another. All you need is a bit of time to explore. I'm hoping to try out other restaurants in my old neighbourhood.

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